Seed Cafe is a 12 year dream coming to life. You may be thinking, ‘why did it take you long to make this happen?’

We moved from Winnipeg, Canada to Minneapolis in 2011 to open Modo Yoga Minneapolis. At Modo we offer amazing hot yoga & barre classes, but the core of what we do is build community.  When we toured the city to find a location for the studio, we kept pointing out spots and saying, “Oh, this seems like a great spot for a plant-based cafe.”  We knew that food was a powerful way to bring people together. 

In 2013 we got divorced and the dream got put on hold.  We spent the next years re-building our family in a new way.  Our work was always rooted in love and respect, we jokingly called it the ‘yoga divorce’.  We used all the things we learned in 12 years of practice to help us move forward in a healthy way for our daughter and our community.

Now we’re a blended family.  Ryann and her partner Michael had a beautiful baby boy, so our family blossomed and the love expanded.  Feeling like our family was stronger than ever, we turned to each other one day and said, "Dream back on! Let’s do this!”

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