Spring Cooking: Let’s Get Fresh!

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In Minnesota, spring is a fickle beast (looking at you April bomb cyclone). But even while you’re debating whether it’s time to stow away your boots and mittens for the season, you can be thinking about getting your kitchen spring-ready!

First, it’s just about time to jump on fiddlehead ferns. These fronds from young ferns look straight out of a Dr. Suess book and lend a taste that’s close-to-but-not-quite-like asparagus. They’re also hyper-seasonal, so if you see them on the grocery shelves, get ‘em!  

Once you have them home, what’s next? Fiddlehead ferns love a simple preparation. Try them sautéed or roasted. Or try a vibrant and tasty fiddlehead fern risotto.

Second, spring is also a great time to think about the growing season. Even as the last piles of snow refuse to budge, you can green up your home (and your recipes!) with an indoor herb garden. Many herbs—including the standard favorites like basil, chives, mint, rosemary, sage and parsley—do well indoors. Just find a sunny spot and make sure to use pots that allow for good drainage.

Herbs add a punch of flavor to smoothies, salads and even cocktails! Looking for some inspiration? Stop by Seed and we’ll discuss herb-powered recipe ideas over a glass of mint lemonade.

Happy spring everyone!