Small Steps with Big Impact: The Planetary Health Diet

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Here’s the great news: if you’re reading this, our bet is that you’re already doing something right!

Here’s the not-great news that you already know: our planet needs us to act. Now.

Earlier this year, the EAT-Lancet commission, a group of 37 scientists from 16 countries, came together to create the Planetary Health Diet. This diet helps reduce conditions that are often linked to poor eating habits like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, while also encouraging sustainable food choices that are better for the planet.

For those who don’t adhere to vegetarian or vegan diets—and in the U.S. that is the vast majority of the population— this flexitarian-style diet proposes small and attainable steps to eating for a healthier body and world. People don’t have to eliminate meat and dairy completely, but the diet recommends choosing plant-based foods for most meals throughout the week, thereby reducing the need for environmentally-taxing, animal-based food production.

Why the need? The world population is expected to reach 10 billion people within the next 30 years and our current eating habits are unhealthy and simply unsustainable (for a refresher on the damaging effect of meat production, check out this blog post from last fall).

This Planetary Health Diet is meant to lay out small steps that ANYONE can follow, and, when compounded by millions of people, will go a long way in improving world and environmental health.

So if you’ve gotten this far and are thinking, “I already follow a vegan diet, what else can I do?” here’s your simple step: spread the word!

You can read more about the Planetary Health Diet here and here.