Now What?

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So now you’ve decided to go to a plant-based lifestyle.  You love the way you feel, and the energy you get from this new change, but what’s the next step? You want to share this new feeling with your friends and family, but don’t want to feel pushy or like you have an agenda about it. I hear you. It’s hard to get others to join you in a new interest without feeling like you need to go in great depths as to why, turning it into an awkward lecture. I’ve compiled a few tips below to help you foster your love for this plant-based adventure, and help you share with your friends and family all the good things a plant-based lifestyle can bring to their lives.

  • Share plant based success stories - people who are rocking this lifestyle and all the good things they’ve begun to experience as a result.

  • Lead by Example when you go out to eat with them

  • Share books with them on the topic

  • Invite them over for a home-cooked meal

  • Share small things

    • they can try to incorporate more vegetables/fruits

    • Need help in eating lots of vegetables? Build the meal around a salad.

    • Choose good fats- fats in avocados, olive oil, nuts and nut butters are really healthy choice

Give examples to help them start. It may be that they don’t even know how easy it could be to integrate this lifestyle into their own!

  • Eat fruit such as apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries, etc.

  • Choose vegetables such as peppers, corn, avocados, lettuce, spinach, kale, etc.

  • Root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots and beets are great options

  • Whole grains make a great base for a meal or snack, such as brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa, and even popcorn is a whole grain!

Going slowly, and starting with small steps will give your friends or family the ability to try things out for themselves, and maybe get a good meal with you out of it at the same time!