Seed Profile: Meet Kate


Seed Café is stocked with plant-based goodness and lots of happy faces. One of those happy faces? Front of house manager Kate Resch. Kate is responsible for keeping things running smoothly and promoting events that keep the love flowing for Seed. Think she sounds great? We agree! Let’s get to know her better.

First off, tell us a little about yourself!

I lived in Prague for 6.5 years up until recently. I’m passionate about traveling and planning my next trip. Besides working at Seed, I teach Aerial Yoga a few times a week at The Aviary. I’m also quite a hot yoga fiend! But hands down, my number one love on this planet is my yellow Labrador, Leo.

What do you love about working at Seed?

The vibe, the people, the food! I especially love the mission and overall vibe of our café, just happy people eating plants. It’s such a bright, sunny, happy, welcoming place and that really reflects in everything we do. And I love how often I get to see people experience plant-based food for the first time and be totally blown away!

What do you tell people who are skeptical about plant-based foods?

It’s never too late to try and EVERYONE can get some kind of benefit from it. I think a lot of people are intimidated by a plant-based diet and totally get that. We make it easy for you at Seed—really flavorful, wholesome, nutritious meals that just happen to be entirely made of plants! Plus there’s the enormous positive impact you’re having on the environment by choosing to have just one plant-based meal.

What’s the most important benefit you’ve seen about eating a plant-based diet?

Energy! I didn’t realize how much dairy and processed foods were slowing me down. It’s also cost-effective. If you focus on whole, plant-based ingredients, you’ll not only save you money, but you’ll give your body everything it needs health-wise. Yes, including protein!

What are your hopes and goals for Seed?

I hope to see lots more events to connect and grow with our community and bring people together—more happy people eating plants! Aside from fun events like our trivia nights, I’d love to see some educational workshops to teach people how to get started with plant-based nutrition, how to pack plant-based lunches for your kids, and more. Long term? My not-so-secret dream is to get a stacked vegan Bloody Mary bar to go with our brunch menu! How rad would that be?!

We couldn’t agree more, Kate! Stop by Seed to say hello to Kate and the rest of the crew spreading the plant-based love.