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Now that I’ve tried more of the food at Seed Cafe, I can’t wait to go back for a full meal of delicious vegan food and try my hand at some of the dishes at home. Smashed chickpea sandwiches or toast would be perfect for a quick lunch and my kids would gobble up a vegan grilled cheese.

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This month we are welcoming Seed’s new Kitchen Manager Reed Rarich!! He’s been generous enough to share some of his life journey with us; about how his connection with food helped him find and express himself, and how he made his way to us. When you see him around, be sure to say hi, and welcome to the fam!

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Seed Profile: Meet Kate

Seed Café is stocked with plant-based goodness and lots of happy faces. One of those happy faces? Front of house manager Kate Resch. Kate is responsible for keeping things running smoothly and promoting events that keep the love flowing for Seed. Think she sounds great? We agree! Let’s get to know her better.

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Perspective for Gratefulness. Trying to Find It, Trying to Use It This Holiday Season.

For me, the holidays will be especially difficult this year, as my grandfather passed away this past September. And when I want to be sad, or angry at the fact that illness took him, this is the hardest time for me to be grateful. And this will be when I need to be the most grateful.

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Four Tips to Starting or Exploring a Plant-Based Diet When You’re Just Starting Out

Here a couple delicious starter options for you to give a whirl! I’ll be trying these recipes myself over the coming month and will share my results! If you don’t feel like making any of these recipes yourself, come on down to the Seed Café to dip your toes in.

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Allison Cultivates Good Vibes

This week we’re taking a little peek into our new manager Allison Koepke’s path to Modo Yoga and our new Seed Cafe. I asked her a couple questions about herself, about how she came to Modo, her food philosophies and her vision for the future of Seed Cafe.

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