On June 20, Seed Cafe hosted their grand opening celebration and invited friends to celebrate with games, activities and of course, delicious vegan food and drinks!

When my family and I arrived, my daughters bee-lined it to the temporary tattoos and face painting station. My older daughter chose a LOVE face painting and a giant metallic tattoo, while my youngest went a little more subtle with a small strawberry tattoo. I loved all of the fruit and vegetable tattoos -- they were fitting for a vegan cafe!


In between tattoos and face painting, we tried all of the samples that kept coming out from the kitchen -- avocado toast, smashed chickpea dip on toast, artichoke dip, kale lemonade, grilled cheese, the Rock Me Mama smoothie and a selection of organic WiscoPop Sodas. I had only tried the avocado toast previously, so I was excited to try everything else and was really impressed by the taste of the food! The artichoke dip was just as creamy and rich as the non-vegan version and the cheese in the grilled cheese could pass as the real thing.

The Food Samples were amazing!

Pictured here are samples of the Smashed Chickpea toast and the Classic Grilled Cheese. They also have a Grown Up Grilled Cheese (has local organic kimchi and fermented chili sauce).

I was a little skeptical about the kale lemonade, but surprisingly, it tasted like… lemonade. Delicious homemade lemonade :) Refreshing with a little extra nutrition added in! Lesson learned here, stop being skeptical, these folks at Seed make healthy food that is full on tasty!

After we’d tried every sample possible, we made our way to the flower crown station, where my husband and I attempted to make semi-decent crowns for the girls. While they were pretty adamant about the flowers they wanted, thankfully they weren’t too picky on the final outcome of the crowns.

We headed outside, where my older daughter played Cornhole for a Cause and helped score a donation to Mile In My Shoes, this month’s Karma charity at Modo Yoga.

We couldn’t leave without grabbing chocolate chunk sea salt and gingerbread cookies to go, plus a macaroon for my husband and I to split. Everything was delicious and made for awesome desserts after dinner!

We missed our chance at a photo with Kaptain Kale and Salad Man, but check out the Seed Cafe Instagram page for a whole “bunch” of photos..see what I did there?  

Now that I’ve tried more of the food at Seed Cafe, I can’t wait to go back for a full meal of delicious vegan food and try my hand at some of the dishes at home. Smashed chickpea sandwiches or toast would be perfect for a quick lunch and my kids would gobble up a vegan grilled cheese.