Seed Cafe: Reflections and Projections

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We all know a lot of work and love goes into opening and maintaining a restaurant. Not quite a year into this venture, I caught up with Phil to ask for his reflections on the highs, the lows and the OMGs of restaurant ownership (plus some peeks into the future of Seed!).

What is your favorite part of owning a restaurant?

It’s the community that is building. Ryann and I want to bring people together. Healthy food is one way we want to do that. We love when groups meet up in our space and we have big community tables where families get together. We’ve even hosted a wedding reception in here already.

What has been the biggest learning curve?

It’s the kitchen for sure. Learning how to stay consistent, keep quality high and get food to people all while making fresh food. The other big part for us is helping our team to UNLEARN some habits as we hear a lot, “this is the way it’s done in kitchens.” We want to do in a new way!

Is there anything you would have done differently?

At first glance, of course, but it’s easy to look back say that. From a deeper glance we would not be where we are without all the decisions and choices we already made. So I am going to say no.

What has been the biggest surprise?

The biggest surprise is the education component. It amazes me every day how many people I talk to who feel they can’t eat at Seed because they eat meat. Our restaurant is for everyone, our meals have protein in them, they’re full of flavor and they are filling.  On top of that we have a wonderful staff who will make you feel welcome!

How has restaurant ownership changed your approach to yoga studio ownership, if at all?

Not really. Modo is home and those roots helped us create Seed. Our work now is to connect the two energies and continue to be a part of people living a healthy life.

What are your favorite dishes? And what are your go-tos for before and/or after yoga?

Fave dish right now is the new Wonderlust Bowl, I am loving that chipotle crema.  

Before yoga you don’t want to eat too much. A great go-to is our energy bites or grab a Seed Protein bar and eat half before and half after class.

Post yoga, it depends on time. If i am in a hurry I love to grab the Harvest Moon smoothie with Vega protein add-on. If I have more time in the morn, I love to have the big breakfast to get lots of protein in my body.

Any favorite/memorable moments you care to share?

I literally have favorite moments everyday. We open at 9am, and I’m next door teaching. When I start class there aren’t many people in the cafe.  When I come out of yoga at 10:30 I can hear the bustle of people and conversations happening at Seed. It fills my heart up every time.

Have you seen any changes to the plant-based food "movement" since opening Seed?

When we moved here 8 years ago there were no fully-vegan spots. A huge shift came with the amazing brother and sister duo who opened The Herbivorous Butcher (vegan butcher shop). They really sparked inspiration and helped build a whole new scene. Across the twin cities we now have so many amazing options. Crepe and Spoon is a fully vegan ice cream shop with some delicious crepes, too. Eureka Compass is a vegan bodega. They make great food you can take with you, but you can also shop for organic groceries there. A couple times a month, the owner puts out a secret word that you can use to get 50% off your healthy organic groceries. So yes, we’ve seen changes and we love to be the change we want to see.

What do you see for the future of Seed?

The future of Seed is catering. We get so many requests daily to get this food out to people’s events and we need to be more deliberate about making it easy for our community. New website and details coming very soon!

Any other exciting plans in the works you want to tell us about??

  1. Vegan Invasion is a fun event we will be a part of on July 14. Check it out!

  2. We are set up at the Linden Hills Farmers market every Sunday this summer, come by and visit us and pick up your batch of cookies for Sunday family dinner!