Soaking Up Spring


Spring is officially here! ...Right? In Minnesota it’s hard to say for certain, but it seems we’ve passed the threshold.

When the weather warms up, there are few things we love more than taking full advantage of a perfect spring day. Those days when the apple trees are blossoming, the lilacs are in bloom and the air smells AMAZING. Yes, that’s how we know it’s time to break out of hibernation and get reacquainted with our t-shirts and sandals.

How do we like to ring in spring? Well it just so happens that Seed Cafe is perfectly situated along some lovely trails. So here’s what we recommend:

Fuel up your bod at Seed with a hearty smoothie. Then, hit the trails! From our door and around Bde Maka Ska Lake is just over 4 miles, which gives you plenty of time to soak up the sun, smell the flowers and clear the last remnants of wintery sludge from your bones. Finally, pop back into Seed to relax and refuel with some plant-based goodness. And perhaps a glass of beer or wine? Hey, you do you!

And it’s true, not every spring day is the picture of sunny perfection. That’s why we’re always happy our nextdoor neighbor is the one and only Modo Yoga, where we can warm up, stretch out and get our zen on.

What’s your favorite way to do spring? Pop by and let us know!