5 Ideas to Observe Earth Hour On March 30th!

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What is Earth Hour? It is one hour of the year, where we black out our lights and electronics and find something else to do with each other or by ourselves. This year we want to help you plan your Earth Hour observance. There is ample support on the Earth hour webpage, you can visit it here.

And we have a list to add to the fun as well:

Been working on your meditation practice and want to take it to the next level? Or want to start your practice with some serious intention? Create a beautiful space in your home and shut everything down, get comfortable, and meditate in silence. No prompts from your fav meditation app, no chime to start and finish, just you and your beautiful mind.

Light some candles and grab your favorite book. A bath would be lovely, and in the interest of water conservation, it is best, just for this hour, to stick to your favorite spot to cuddle up.

Go for a walk and look at the stars. We are still in the season where it is getting dark by 8:30, so take advantage and enjoy a chilly walk in the night air. If late night walking isn’t your jam, just step outside, take some deep breaths, and say a little thank you to our world.

Feeling extra connected to your devices? Tired of begging your family to tear themselves away from their screens? This is the perfect “mandatory” screen-free family time. Dust off your favorite board games, play some charades, look at family photo albums (non-digital of course), and have some fun.

Create a gratitude list for the earth. Whether on your own or with your family, write 100 things that you appreciate about what our earth does for us, provides us with, creates for us.

If you really want to go big this year for Earth Hour, visit their website and use their toolkits to set up your own event. The Earth thanks you.