Making Plant-Based Lunches For Your Kids

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The days are shorter, the air is a little crisper. You can’t deny it: it’s back-to-school time. As families get settled into their new routines and kids get in the groove at school, it’s a great time to think about incorporating a plant-based diet at home. Here’s an easy place to start: packing school lunches (we heard that collective groan). Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tricks for you:

  • Eat the Rainbow: Forget about food groups, go for color groups! Use fruits, veggies, beans, dips, etc. to showcase a rainbow of color and flavor. This one is especially fun for younger kids who are still learning their colors (and parents who like to Instagram their food prep).

  • Get Crunchy: Texture makes good dish great. Some simple thoughts? Sprinkle sunflower seeds into a hummus wrap, make crispy kale chips, add crunchy baked chickpeas to quinoa bowls, crumble granola on avocado-chocolate pudding. You get the idea. So many ways to change up textures while adding an extra punch of nutrition.

  • Veg Out: Got a vegetable protester on your hands? It’s time to get sneaky. One of our favorite tricks is folding shredded veggies into vegan muffins. This recipe is quick and easily and flexible enough to add your own flavors (and isn’t just for babies), but a quick search for vegan veggie muffins will supply endless results your kids will love, vegetables and all.

  • Stay Inspired: This is an easy one. Look no further than the menu at Seed Café to find ideas for delicious, healthy, plant-based dishes. And of course, you can always ask our founders and resident plant-based parents, Phil and Ryann for their favorite recipes and ideas.

And last, while a plant based diet has great benefits for the earth, there’s one more, super easy step you can take to plus up your eco-warrior status:

  • Waste Not: Bento boxes make it easy to give your kiddo a variety of foods in kid-sized portions without creating packaging waste or a daily pile of reusable containers to wash. We love the options from ECOlunchbox.

Mornings will always be hectic. Unfortunately, we can’t help you there. But hopefully our tips will make packing lunches feel less like a chore and more like an exercise in delicious creativity.