Allison Cultivates Good Vibes


This week we’re taking a little peek into our new manager Allison Koepke’s path to Modo Yoga and our new Seed Cafe. I asked her a couple questions about herself, about how she came to Modo, her food philosophies and her vision for the future of Seed Cafe.

What inspired you to explore your practice and begin work at Modo Yoga Minneapolis

Three and a half years ago my life was WAY out of balance.  My job as a restaurant GM had me working all the time, my body was in constant pain and my brain was on high speed so I wasn’t sleeping.  So I searched Groupon yoga and landed at MODO.  My life changed.  The intentions and the lessons of the practice inspired me and I went to work on how I handle stress, challenges and pain.   My mind began to calm.  I am still practicing this :). I fell in love with the community and what MODO stands for.

When you think about your daily diet, what’s one rule of thumb you always follow- something you’ve found that really energizes or inspires your food journey? 

My rule of thumb with my diet is a little bit of naughty and a whole lot of nice.  Cooking is my thing.  I have studied food and chefs my whole life.  When I’m not working, I’m cooking and feeding my people.  Seasonal organic vibes.  This time of year is so fun!  I can’t wait to start making soups and roasting veggies!  It is deeply rewarding when you fill a table with super healthy food and everyone tells you it’s the best food they have ever had. And of course there is the little bit of naughty…a small bite of dessert :)

With the arrival of the new completely plant-based cafe Seed, and your new  job as manager, what are you excited for the most with this endeavor?

What am I most excited for?  That’s a tough one.  There are SO many things.  I am excited to give people the opportunity to discover how delicious healthy food is.  I am excited to give people a spot to hang out that makes them feel special and part of something bigger. This space will be an extension of the magical energy that is MODO.  I am excited to work with my team of unique and beautiful souls.  On a personal level, I am excited to grow.

We are so excited to have Allison as the new manager of the Seed Cafe, and can’t wait to see how her leadership will help grow and expand our community here. Come in and give her a warm hello when you see her around the studio or cafe. 

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