Meet co-founder Ryann


Now that you’ve got the basics on a plant-based diet , we’d like you to meet one of our founders, Ryann Doucette. We sat down for a little Q&A with her to learn about her philosophy, her vision and all the good she can’t wait to share.

Tell us about following a plant-based diet. When did you start? And what’s your general approach?

It was about 12 years ago. I view it as a philosophy, not a religion. You don’t have to go all or nothing. And you can do it for your own reasons — health, animal cruelty, environmental impact, etc. There are so many benefits.

How does it align with your Modo practice?

Modo focuses on making yoga as accessible to all people as possible. With Seed, we’re taking the same approach. We want to make a plant-based diet as accessible as possible.

How does that idea come to life at Seed Café?

We’re trying to demystify the whole philosophy and show that it can be simple. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated or boring. It can (and should) be fun and delicious! My whole vision has always been happy people eating plants. It’s not an angry activist environment and definitely not pretentious. Everything is made with love.


Yes. We are guided by ahimsa, a Sanskrit word that means to be non-harming to all beings. And we express that in a lot of ways. Because we don’t serve animal products, we can reduce food spoilage and waste. Plus there’s the whole benefit of food safety. And apart from the menu, we’ve worked really hard to reduce our footprint by reusing as many materials as we can within the space. And we’ve done much of the work ourselves, along with the help of some truly wonderful friends and volunteers who are helping us make this vision real.

That all sounds great! So what can we expect from Seed?

An easy, welcoming spot whether you’re looking for quick, healthy food to go or want to hang out for a bit. And we’re very kid-friendly with activity kits that have been carefully curated by our daughter, Emily. We’ll serve breakfast through dinner and we’ll have really great coffee as well as an excellent beer and wine menu. We have a lot of naturally gluten-free options, or items that can be made gluten-free. And there will be desserts! A plant-based diet is not a life of deprivation.

What are a few of your favorite menu items? Can you give us a sneak preview?

Absolutely. I love the New Bohemian Salad and the Curried Chickpea Sandwich.

Yum. When do we get to try it?

It’s happening soon! We’ll have our soft launch after Labor Day. Watch the schedule for opportunities to sign up for trial run meals. It will help us work out the kinks and you’ll get to try the awesome food we’re serving before we officially open to the public.