Perspective for Gratefulness. Trying to Find It, Trying to Use It This Holiday Season.


This is the time of year where everyone shows their graciousness and gratitude to those around them. I grew up in a house with grandparents that made volunteering a regular part of each week, giving back to others who could use the extra attention. I was taught from an early age to always help where I can, and to be grateful for the things I have in life, as others are not always so fortunate. For me, the holidays will be especially difficult this year, as my grandfather passed away this past September. And when I want to be sad, or angry at the fact that illness took him, this is the hardest time for me to be grateful. And this will be when I need to be the most grateful.

 Everyone can compare their lives to others, saying so-and-so makes more money, or so-and-so got a new car, or so-and-so can hold that pose so much better than me. But when we actually stop to look at the things we have, to really take stock of how much we should actually be grateful for in our lives, it’s a lot.

If you can get up in the morning, be grateful. If you can read this, be grateful. If you ate this morning, be grateful, if you made it to yoga, be grateful. It’s really hard to be grateful on a daily basis when all you can think about is the things you don’t have, can’t do or have lost.

  So now is the time remind myself to slow down, and take time to think about all the blessings I‘ve been given. I especially, am trying to follow this mindset with the loss I’ve experienced this year. Taking time to remember the good times we had together, his jokes, the dinners we had… I can be grateful that I was given that blessing of time, even if it had to end. Focusing on the positive of what time I had with him, living in the moment for this holiday season, that’s what I’ll be most grateful for.

Ashley H