Tips To Eat Plant-Based Twice A Week

If you haven’t joined us for food yet, what are you waiting for?? Here’s your chance to hit up an energizing hot yoga class at Modo Yoga then scoot right over to the Seed Café for a delicious taste of our plant-based spread! If you‘ve already dabbled on the specials at our new café, and want to start cooking plant-based at home, I’ve got two no-fail ideas to help give your week a boost!

The first tip is to start with a Crock pot! What easier way to make a great set-it-and-forget-it meal than with my personal favorite kitchen utensil? Nada. I am always looking for more ways to optimize my limited time in the kitchen, and my Crockpot is one of my favs. There are a couple ideas below to scroll through to find your next plant-based breakfast/lunch/dinner that you can throw together on a day you know you’re too busy to make a meal later on, or a weekend when you’re lounging on the couch after a great barre class and you’re ready to relax instead of hanging out in the kitchen.

The second tip is to find recipes that only take about 15-20 minutes to make. Who else around here is scrambling for time between work, exercise, family events, school, friends and the like, just to grab some energy bar or quick snack instead of a hearty meal? (Guilty!) So below are some short and sweet recipes to get you in the mood to make some new dishes you’ll love. Happy eating!

Crockpot Recipes

Short and Sweet 15 minutes Recipes